Amitabh Bachchan turns blogger superstar Amitabh Bachchan has turned blogger with, a youth networking site, to connect with his fans worldwide.

Speaking about his new initiative, Bachchan said, ” allows me to express myself, share and reflect my emotions, thoughts, opinions and listen to what people have to say to me and show them the ‘real’ side to my larger than life image that they see through media. It’s a platform which I control and share my own drama without anyone editing or interpreting my thoughts.”

Amitabh also posted his views on his upcoming film Bhootnath and asked readers responses. has gained a user base of 1.6 million, where 40 per cent users are from tier II cities like Tuticorin, Bhilai, Amritsar, Guwahati, Surat and Nashik.

The site gets almost 10 per cent of users from countries like Sri Lanka, Pakistan and from Indians from Dubai, United States and United Kingdom.

This news is available on NDTV 24×7. DirecTV make sit possible to access this channel in the US and also guarantees excellent picture and sound quality.


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