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The Spirit of Bombay: Kalaghoda Festival

February 6, 2008

If I was in Mumbai during this part of the year I would definitely be at Kalaghoda to witness the decade old festival that echoes the spirit of Mumbai. All I could get is the News coverage on NDTV 24×7. I would like to share with you what I gathered while watching NDTV.

The Kalaghoda festival is a unique platform for showcasing new talent and attracts hundreds of enthusiasts.

This year the Kalaghoda Art Festival looks bigger, brighter and more colourful. The otherwise commercial lanes of a business district now turn themselves into art exhibits.

Space is created for artists who feel that, art cannot be bound by closed walls and class divides of traditional art galleries.

True to the spirit of a street festival, day one had traditional acrobats from rural Maharashtra.

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Yahoo to take time evaluating Microsoft offer

February 4, 2008

As promised I am back with the Microsoft’s offer to buy Yahoo.

Source: DirecTv, an amazing TV service provider in the US as it provides NDTV 24×7, India’s best news channel.

Yahoo Inc says it’s “going to take time” to thoroughly evaluate Microsoft Corp’s unsolicited $45 billion offer keeping in mind its strategic options, including keeping the company independent.

It was undertaking a deliberate review of Microsoft’s offer to pay Yahoo shareholders either $31 in cash, or 0.9509 of a share of Microsoft common stock, Yahoo said in a media release posted on the company Web site.

The review “will include evaluating all of the company’s strategic alternatives including maintaining Yahoo! as an independent company,” the posting said. “A review process like this is fluid, and it can take quite a bit of time.”

I am expecting Google to come up with something… anything… in response to a prospective increase in competition. I wil keep you updated even if it doesn’t.

Dhoni says Team India will behave

January 31, 2008

Quote: “We don’t care whether we receive a hostile reception or not. As long as it’s not on the field, it doesn’t matter”

I will miss Yuvraj Singh as he is not playing the 1st match.

The shows on NDTV 24×7 are very good as NDTV is India’s most respected news channel and it the news coverage is ‘to the point’ unlike other news channel where every news is a breaking news.

The experience only improves as I have subscribed to DirecTv.

BCCI, ICC set for a showdown

January 28, 2008

Spinner Harbhajan Singh’s appeal against the three-match ban and racism charge is due to be heard on Tuesday. But the BCCI has made it clear that racism allegations are unacceptable and the Board may pull out of the remaining tour if the charges are not dropped.


The most critical evidence would be the stump microphone recordings during the second Test in Sydney.

Justice John Hansen, the New Zealand judge, who was appointed Commissioner for the hearing will chair the proceedings.

The Indian team is not leaving Adelaide until Bhajji’s appeal is heard.

Tendulkar’s Last test at Adelaide

January 25, 2008

I did not know that the current test match is Tendulkar’s Last test at Adelaide until I saw the coverage on NDTV 24*7 through DirecTv.

Tendulkar, who has 480 runs at 80 in the series, faced 205 balls and hit 13 fours and three sixes, earning a pat on the back from the successful bowler and a standing ovation as he left the field.

I prefer watching NDTV 24*7 as it is India’s most respected news channel and it the news coverage is ‘to the point’ unlike other news channel where every news is a breaking news.

The experience only improves as I have subscribed to DirecTv.

There’s no need to buy any costly equipments, I received installation of a 4-room DirecTV system alongwith the subscription.

There are absolutely no interruptions as DirecTV delivers a digital signal 99.9% of the time. I also ordered a high-speed Internet connection with the service.

The most important benefit is that my cable & internet bills have reduced.

Sania & Rohan advance in doubles

January 16, 2008

Sania MirzaIndian sportsmen & women are performing well throughout the world. Sania & Rohan won their respective double matches in the Australian Open. I saw the coverage on NDTV 24 * 7 through Directv. Its a very good channel covering almost all the news in a desirable format. Its available in the US only through Directv.