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Uganda welcomes back Gujarat businessman

April 16, 2008
NDTV Reports: Australia, Uganda and now Afghanistan — Indians are slightly apprehensive working abroad. In the middle of this, a delegation has come from Uganda, led by their Foreign Affairs Minister, to reassure businessmen in Gujarat. Last year, Gujarati businesses in Uganda had suffered huge losses when they had to flee the violence there and one Ahmedabad-based businessman had also lost his life.

Uganda is safe now, that is what this delegation is here to tell businessmen in Gujarat.

“We are now offering you a proper business environment and peaceful living in our country with unlimited opportunities for businessmen and corporates from Gujarat as still a large number of Gujarati population stay in Uganda and things are getting better everyday after fall of Edi Amin,” said Sam Kutesa, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Government of Uganda.

Their suggestions have been welcomed by representatives of corporate houses like Reliance and pharma company like Cadila. And also by Sam Pitroda, the Chairperson of the Knowledge Commission and the man behind India’s telecom revolution.

He has promised technical help to the IT and telecom companies investing in Uganda and even help with the country’s food crisis.

“There was a time when people outside India used to think how India would manage food for everyone, we have done that and can help you for a replication in your country as well. Why do you need to wait for US help,” said Sam Pitroda.

Gujaratis are known for their inclination to find out new avenues and destinations in spreading their business and African countries have always been preferred destinations for them until violence took a toll on their confidence, not only in Uganda but also in Kenya few months before.

Now representations from governments of those countries welcoming back Gujaratis is not only an indication of how much important role Indian business community plays there but also speaks of a rising India, sharing knowledge and acumen with other countries.

I was watching the news last night on NDTV and came across this story. Thought I’d share it with you folks. I am a Gujarati and some of my relatives were displaced from Uganda during Eedi Amin’s time. Its great to know things are improving in Uganda now. NDTV 24×7 can now be accessed here in the US on DirecTV satellite TV service.