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UK gives relief to highly-skilled Indian Migrants

April 18, 2008

UK gives relief to HSMP migrantsNDTV Reports: In what may sound as music to the ears of highly-skilled Indian migrants, Britain has decided to allow such professionals to stay as it works to implement a high court ruling against immigration rule changes with retrospective effect that could have forced them to leave.

The Home Office will not appeal against an April 8 High Court verdict that said it was ”not open to the government to alter the terms and conditions” of Highly Skilled Migrants Programme (HSMP) under which thousands of highly skilled employees, mostly Indians, came to Britain.

All highly-skilled migrants who came here under the HSMP scheme as on November 7, 2006, when the regulation changes were made, can stay until processes are put in place to implement the judgement, the Home Office said.

Some 49,000 highly-skilled people had come to Britain under the HSMP initiated in January 2002 and most of them were facing the prospect of returning home following changes in the immigrations rules brought into force by the government.

Watched a report on this issue on NDTV last night. It is an excellent channel for Indian news here in the US. It is available on DirecTV’s satellite TV service.


Hockey greats hurt by Gill’s remarks

March 14, 2008

Former hockey players on Friday lambasted KPS Gill for terming the greats of the game as “professional mourners” and said the IHF chief should own up his own failures instead of making such “stupid” statements.

After India’s failure to qualify for the Olympics for the first time ever, former Olympians and greats of the game had criticised Gill and held his “autocratic ways of functioning” as the reason behind the country’s flop show.

India has won 8 Gold medals in the Olympics and this year’s early exit  is a national shame. The embarrassment was evident while the disheartened players were receiving medals of participation. Blame it on the popularity of cricket or less funds for Hockey, a loss is a loss.There is no way I would watch the Hockey matches in the US, so I switched on my TV, surfed for NDTV 24×7 and was expecting the news of India’s qualifying. But India lost. I couldn’t believe it. The national sport of India is not able to make it to the qualifiers.

There are still a few Indian athletes  competing. NDTV 24×7 is now weighing the odds for other participants. The news channel is available in the US only through DirecTV. This is the only way I can stay abreast of India-centric news despite being in a different continent.